Local Law Enforcement


Transportation Security


Railways, buses. metro systems, ports, ships, aviation, ferries and components of the supply chain and logistics industries all have security issues in common and all require explosives screening. FFI’s E.L.I.T.E.™, IDEX™, and ULTRA™ explosives detection technology is currently used in several applications within transportation security, such as:

  • Screening cars and passengers boarding ferries
  • Random package inspections on metro systems
  • Roving checks in airports and as backup to instruments and K-9 teams
  • Baggage pallet inspections
  • State room and compartment inspections
  • Baggage inspections on bus lines
  • Clearing positive indications by other detection techniques (ion mobility spectrometry, K-9s, etc.)


FFI offers a broad range of Search Equipment as well as Explosives Detection and Narcotics Identification devices, facilitating the rapid search of vehicles, boats, ships, airplanes and railcars. Our internal security search equipment includes:

  • A large under-vehicle wheeled mirror
  • Telescopic search arms which accept a range of mirrors
  • Pocket telescopic search mirrors
  • E.L.I.T.E.™, IDEX™, and ULTRA™ explosives detection/identification kits
  • DABIT™ narcotics identification kits


Terrorist Target - Bus Terrorist Target - Ferry Terrorist Target - Plane


We also offer complete search kits, which contain a range of tools to carry out comprehensive search tasks, conveniently packaged in backpacks or cases.

For more information on our E.L.I.T.E.™ Models EL100 and EL240 and our other detection kits please visit our Explosives Detection & Drug Detection product pages here on our Field Forensics website.

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