Law Enforcement & Corrections


Field Forensics and FFI Tactical support law enforcement with the latest technology for metal detection, explosives detection, drugs identification and contraband search.

DABIT™ Drug Identification Kits from Field Forensics are perhaps the safest and easiest to use drug test kits on the market. There are 14 different drug test kits in the DABIT™ product range; our technical support staff can help you choose the best DABIT™ products for your application.

The metal detection device, EBEX 607 Z, has a ruggedized cylindrical probe that can pinpoint tiny metal objects that might have been hidden on a human body - for example to smuggle cell phone parts into a prison.  The EBEX 607 Z can also be used as a nightstick should the search subject become unruly! 

Whether tracking down terrorists and insurgents in Afghanistan or investigating possible cases of terrorism locally, policemen, FBI agents, customs agents, and other law enforcement officials engaged in the war on terrorism find the E.L.I.T.E.™ Explosives Detection Technology invaluable.

The E.L.I.T.E.™ Model EL100 for example can be used to check suspicious vehicles, suspicious people at border crossings (and illegal border crossings), suspect safe houses and so on for explosives. The EL100 is used as a presumptive test in that a positive for explosives can lead to further investigation and the possible stopping of a terrorist event. The E.L.I.T.E.™ Model EL240 – for peroxide-based explosives – can be used during take-downs of illegal drug laboratories to ensure that the suspicious white powder on a lab bench is not a dangerous explosive like TATP instead of just an illegal drug.

For law enforcement officers involved in school policing (D.A.R.E., resource officers, and police juvenile officers) the E.L.I.T.E.™ Explosives Detection Technology can be used proactively to investigate young people who may be experimenting with guns and explosives. E.L.I.T.E.™ can also be used in the recovery from a bomb threat situation.

Field Forensics offers several products for use in Correctional Facilities including Explosives Detection KitsContraband Search Equipment, and anti-stab vests. (Please contact us for more information on the anti-stab vests.)

For more information on our explosives and drugs detection kits please visit our FFI Products page; for more information on the contraband search equipment please see our Metal Search and Detection page of our FFI Tactical website.

Please contact us today; we have representatives standing by to answer questions and to help select equipment.