Radiation Detection

FFI now offers radiation detection instruments manufactured in the Ukraine by Ecotest Group. The product range includes handheld radiation and contamination detection instruments – versions for home and professional use – as well as area radiation monitoring systems, personal radiation dosimeters, and handheld spectrometers for nuclide identification and source locating – alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation.


MKS-05 - Dosimeter-Radiometer for Personal Use

Made in Ukraine, the Terra-P radiation meter is the most popular household radiation meter in Ukraine and perhaps in the world. It is based on  the professional version, MKS-05 TERRA, which is in operation with the Ukrainian Army and other organizations.

Terra-P checks the radiation safety of your home, workplace, car, household items, clothing materials as well as wild berries, mushrooms and other foodstuffs.  Terra-P measures gamma background level and accumulated dose and also estimates beta surface contamination.

Terra-P is very simple to use since it has only 2 control buttons: Threshold and Mode. To turn on Terra-P, press and hold the Mode button for one second and it automatically enters the gamma radiation measurement mode.


MKS-05 - Dosimeter-Radiometer for Personal Use

Made in Ukraine, the Terra-P+ radiation meter is the most popular personal radiation detector in Ukraine and perhaps in the world. It’s based on  the professional version, MKS-05 TERRA, which is in operation with the Ukrainian Army and other organizations.

TERRA-P+ features:

– wider measurement range of gamma background;

– measurement of beta-contamination;

– measurement of dose accumulation time;

– automatic subtraction of gamma background at measurement of beta contamination;

– signaling when accumulated dose and beta-contamination thresholds are exceeded;

– digital display backlight;

– wider temperature range.

 Terra-P+ is perfect for personal safety, including area radiation levels and checking of foodstuffs for radiation levels and contamination.

VIRTUOSO Radiometer

RKG-14 - Multipurpose Radioactivity Detector

VIRTUOSO is a compact-size device for comprehensive radiological examination of food, soil, construction materials, etc.

  • Detects 137Cs, 134Cs and measures the specific and volume activities of 40K, 226Ra, 232Th
  • Works with Android smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth
  • Does not require special sample containers


EcotestVIP™ Shirt-Pocket Radiation Monitor

Made in Ukraine.  EcotestVIP™ is the one and only premium class dosimeter in the world. Created by the leading specialists for successful people who put high value on their own safety. The monitoring device is a combination of the best technical specifications and elegant design.  EcotestVIP™ checks radiation safety of apartments and offices, household items, clothing, cars, bank notes, personal correspondence, building materials, land property, and foodstuffs. No special training for its usage is required – just switch it on and it will start continuously monitoring gamma radiation levels. In case of danger EcotestVIP will automatically alarm.

Gamma Sapiens

UDKG-PRO - Intelligent gamma radiation detector

Gamma Sapiens is a dosimeter that operates with smartphones and tablets running Android OS via Bluetooth. The device is designed to measure radiation levels and doses.  Gamma Sapiens continuously transfers measurement results to Android smartphones and tablets in real-time. With the help of the software, the information is processed, displayed in a user-friendly form on a smartphone or tablet, and stored in a special database for further viewing.


aGent-R™ Radiation Warning Device

aGent-R is a wristwatch-style radiation detector with a shock-resistant body. It’s designed for emergency services, law enforcement, and personal safety. aGent-R provides a four alarm-level warning system to alert the wearer when exposed to increased radiation fields.  Made in Ukraine.  

Personal Dosimeter DKG-21M

Personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter

Direct reading personal dosimeter designed for damp and dusty environments, the DKG-21M has a high ingress protection rating.  It’s designed for use by military personnel and first responders in conditions of significant temperature oscillations and dusty atmosphere.


Professional Radiation Detector

Made in Ukraine.  Dosimeter-Radiometer МКS-05, Terra is a palm-sized radiation monitoring instrument designed for professional use.  Measurement results device can transfer to smartphones and tablets running Android™ OS via Bluetooth in real-time;  specially designed “GS Ecotest” application is available on Google Play. terra measures ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) of gamma and X-ray radiation (photon-ionizing radiation), measures ambient dose equivalent (DE) of gamma and X-ray radiation, measures surface beta-particles flux density as well as ambient dose equivalent accumulation time.  Alarm levels are adjustable by the user.  Long battery life and very easy to use with just two buttons.  Operates on 2x AAA batteries.  NATO Stock Number (NSN): 6665 61 000 0177

DoseG and DoseGX

Electronic Personal Dosimeter EPD-27

DoseG and DoseGX represent a new family of electronic personal dosimeters from ECOTEST. Electronic dosimeters are used as part of an automated system of individual exposure control and for autonomous use. Electronic personal dosimeters EPD-27 are available in two modifications – DoseG and DoseGX.

Dosimeters are used in nuclear power plants, medicine, industry, radiological laboratories, and in institutions where they use sources of photon ionizing radiation.

  • Available in two versions: DoseG and DoseGX
  • Wide energy measuring range from 12 keV to 10 MeV (DoseGX model)
  • Two threshold levels for DE, DER, and time in the control zone
  • It may be used as a part of the automated IDC system
  • High ingress protection rating IP67
  • International Standard IEC 61526 compliant


Alpha, beta, gamma radiation meter - RKS-01

A compact search device with a telescopic probe for quick detection and localization of alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation sources. The device features an alpha, beta, gamma-sensitive Geiger-Muller counter with a mica window. Analog indicator of radiation intensity facilitates the localization of radiation sources.  STORA-ABG allows storing up to 1000 measurement results in non-volatile memory, viewing them on the indicator and transferring the results to a personal computer via Bluetooth in real-time mode. New software “RadReader” has been developed for operation with the STORA-ABG radiation meter.

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