Introducing HandyRam II™ Raman Spectrometry

HandyRam II™ Handheld Raman Spectrometer

Thousands of chemicals can be identified with HandyRam II™ and FFI’s spectral libraries.  The small, handheld system has a simple user interface for screening samples.  The screen displays a red/yellow/green response based on the chemical class.  Laser power is adjustable and an optional acquisition delay give an element of safety when testing energetic materials. HandyRam™ II has a durable and waterproof construction. It can also be connected to a PC for detailed spectral analysis, library and record management.  It has tactile buttons designed for users wearing protective gloves.  Accessories include: pouch, shoulder strap, USB cable, laser aperture cap with polystyrene target, sample vials, point-and-shoot adapter, vial holder, 90° angle adapter, attachment point, connection kit ethernet and WIFI, AC Adapter 5 VDC/1 A USB

Narcotics Identification:

HandyRam II™ handheld analyzer identifies hundreds of illicit narcotics, controlled drugs, pharmaceutical ingredients and cutting agents. It also analyzes and reports the components of mixtures.  HandyRam™ II is a powerful tool for law enforcement and customs agents.

Explosives and HME Precursor Identification:

FFI’s explosives libraries include commercial, military and home-made explosives (HME). Included in the library are precursor chemicals – chemicals used to make HME  – and other chemicals that are often found in HME laboratories.

Threat Chemical Identification – Toxins, Pollutants, Chemical Weapons Agents

More than fifteen thousand compounds can be loaded into HandyRam II™, so in addition to explosives and narcotics, chemical such as solvents, alcohols, phenols, pesticides, dyes, pigments, stains, hazardous and toxic chemicals and antibiotics…

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