Homeland Security

Field Forensics equipment is currently protecting borders all over the globe from the illegal movement of explosives, drugs and contraband. We supply detection and identification equipment to the commercial sector, securing public venues from external and internal threats. In the maritime arena, MTSA requires all persons, baggage, persons, personal effects and areas around ships be screened for dangerous substances. We supply the worlds leading cruise lines with maritime-rugged and reliable detection equipment.

  • Border security – explosives, narcotics detection and identification
  • Vulnerable sites, hotels, places of worship, sporting and commercial venues – explosives screening
  • Maritime – Cruise ship security, boardings and searches
  • Schools & Colleges – Illicit material (narcotics and explosives) identification
  • Critical Infrastructure –  refineries, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, and other important facilities

Please also visit our sister company, FFI Tactical for the latest Security and Tactical equipment and software, including portable x-ray and metal detectors.