Field Forensics develops explosives detection instruments and kits specifically with the military in mind and currently supports elite military customers around the world. With years of military experience we can assist in identifying the best solutions to meet the mission with the utmost operational efficiency. There are several military applications in which Field Forensics products are used, including:

  • EOD – Mission support, HME and precursor ID
  • CSI – Military crime scene and anti-terrorism forensic analysis, pre-and post-blast, testing of explosive material
  • Special Missions – Site Exploitation
  • Security – Force Protection, Personnel Check Points, Vehicle Check Points (VCPs)
  • Intelligence – HUMINT covert source testing
  • Chem-Bio – sampling for trace amounts of chemical weapons agents (CWA)


Please also visit our sister company, FFI Tactical for the latest EOD, De-mining, Tactical, and Range Clearance equipment and software, including portable x-ray, metal detection, and personnel protective equipment (PPE)…