ELITE (explosives)

Detection kits for explosive and explosives precursors


Simple, Rugged & Reliable Explosives Detection

E.L.I.T.E.™ explosives detection kits are some of the most convenient test kits on the market. Each one is self contained and has a long shelf-life.  Users carry them in shirt pockets.   Though small, the kits each detect a broad range of commercial, military, and home-made explosives. They can detect at trace levels down to single nano gram amounts.     E.L.I.T.E.™ test kits are used by elite military, police, and security services worldwide.

ELITE™ Models

There are three basic ELITE™ tests, the EL100*, the EL200**, and the EL300*.

  • EL100 – tests for nitro-aromatic, nitro-aliphatic and nitrate-based explosives and chemicals used to make them. Some of these compounds include:
    • Commercial, Military and Home-Made Explosives (HME), including TNT, DNT, TATB, RDX, HMX, EGDN, PETN, NG, NC, ANFO, ANS, and black powder…
  • EL200 – tests for chlorate, peroxide, and perchlorate-based HME and chemicals used to make them.  Some of these compounds include:
    • TATP, HMTD, MEKP, flash powders, Armstrong’s mixture, Poor Man’s C4, potassium chlorate mixtures…
  • EL300 – tests for nitro-aromatic, nitro-aliphatic, peroxide, chlorate and nitrate-based explosives and precursor chemicals. Some of these compounds include:
    • Commercial, Military and HME, including TNT, DNT, TATB, RDX, HMX, EGDN, PETN, NG, NC, ANFO, ANS, TATP, HMTD, MEKP, black powder, flash powders, Armstrong’s mixture, Poor Man’s C4…

*  The EL100 and EL300 have a heating step as part of the test.  Both models use an automated electronic heater (though any heat source will do).  Each is available with a built-in disposable heater as well, respectively models EL100EXO and EL300EXO.

** The EL200 recently replaced the EL240 in our product line-up.  The EL200 tests for perchlorate-based explosives and precursor chemicals in addition to the peroxide and chlorate-based explosives and precursor chemicals.


  • E.L.I.T.E.™ colorimetric chemistry is unique, giving the user easily discernible colors and false-positive rates lower than other currently available test kits, instruments and even K-9s. There are no known false-negatives.
  • E.L.I.T.E.™ kits apply to a broad range of applications including checkpoint screening of people, vehicles and baggage, security spot-checks, forensic intelligence gathering and post-blast investigations.
  • E.L.I.T.E.™  doesn’t require an instrument to read the result since a color change indicates a positive test.  The color chart is only for reference. A digital camera records the result, the kit serial number, date, time, GPS location and other information.
  • E.L.I.T.E.™ tests for peroxide, perchlorate and chlorate in liquid, vapor or solid form.  It even detects peroxide-based explosives such as TATP when the TATP is stored or hidden under alcohol.

First time buyers of E.L.I.T.E.™ generally buy one of the complete field kits such as the hard-sided EL1001-X or the soft-sided EL1002-X.  Each of these is equipped with ancillary equipment, an illustrated field guide, heater, gloves, marker pen, etc.   Also, each can be equipped with other detection or identification capability such as the DABIT™ or DABIT3X™,  for drugs identification, or, IDEX™ and/or ULTRA™ for more specific HME precursor chemical identification.