Fen-Her™ (narcotics)

Fen-Her™ - Fentanyl and Heroin detection test kit

FenHer Product Image

Reliable Presumptive testing for Fentanyl & Heroin (Model DXC-001)

Reliable presumptive testing for Fentanyl and Heroin is finally available.

There are many colorimetric drug test kits available on the market today and these kits are often used by law enforcement to presumptively identify heroin, fentanyl and other drugs; but, these drug test kits – often based on the Mecke reagent – cannot reliably detect and differentiate heroin and fentanyl; usually these tests require micro grams or more of the material sample to make a presumptive identification.

Fen-Her™ has a much stronger analytical capability than other test kits on the market. False positives are reduced and largely eliminated, heroin and fentanyl are clearly differentiated, and the amount of drug required to conduct the test is far less than a micro gram.  Exposure to contents is mitigated by the ability to sample trace amounts of material such as that available along the opening of a plastic bag or a surface where the drug has been in contact.

Fen-Her™ is compact, fits in a shirt pocket, has a long shelf-life and is offered by a company that has been developing test kits used by special forces and elite counter-terrorism units around the world for over ten years.