Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) (explosives, narcotics, chem-bio)

The CN303R is a small bench-top conditioner of Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) fibers. Most SPME users recondition a SPME fiber using a Gas Chromatograph (GC)-inlet port to recondition a SPME fiber, which can tie-up a GC for 30 minutes or more. There’s no need to tie-up an expensive piece of analytical instrumentation with a housekeeping task when the Conditioner 1X™ is available – it’s small, economical and efficient.

Simply program the temperature controller to the re-conditioning temperature specified by the manufacturer, insert the SPME fiber assembly into the septum of the inlet port – normally using a manual sample holder or an FFI TuffSyringe™ – and condition for the specified amount of time.

The Conditioner 1X™ contains a precision furnace with heat produced at just the right area to properly drive off contaminants and residual sample from the SPME polymer; at the same time the Conditioner 1X™ flushes the contaminants away with an inert gas. The Conditioner 1X™ includes a built-in gas metering valve and rotameter to control the gas flow. Using the CN303 is a much more effective and less costly way of conditioning SPME fibers (as compared to using your GC’s injection port!) – it does a better job and frees up your GCMS for more interesting work.