DABIT (narcotics)

Dab-it and know. Identification narcotics with the Drugs of Abuse Identification Test, DABIT™

DABIT™ may be the quickest and simplest drug test kit on the market. It’s easy to use and the design aids in sample collection so there’s no more scooping of powders or materials and trying to get it into a plastic bag. DABIT™ has a very sticky tip that collects the sample and also acts are the reaction area for the easy-to-see color change.

Police and customs agents love using the DABIT™ kits because it’s easy to get a sample, even when only a dusting of material is available.

There are seventeen individual tests in the DABIT™ range, plus the Fen-Her™ test kit fentanyl, to perform detection and confirmation, quickly and easily.

When additional confirmation or a stronger in-field presumptive test is required, follow the DABIT™ test with the Indicator™ Raman spectrometer. The combination of DABIT™ and Indicator™ will strengthen any case with much more powerful presumptive testing.

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