BioScreener (chem-bio)


Finally, first responders have a quick and easy way to determine whether a suspicious powder is a likely bio-weapons agent without spending a lot of time (or money). BioScreener™ is a disposable presumptive test that identifies potential threat-agents such as suspicious powders; within approximately 30 seconds, identify whether a substance is a probable bio-weapons agent or just a harmless powder. Collect the sample by simply dabbing the sample tip on the suspect material; analyze the sample by cracking the built-in ampoules and watching for the specified color change.

BioScreener™ can eliminate the threat posed by a suspicious powder in seconds. Instead of shutting down an area for hours or days pending results of an analysis, first responders can identify a suspicious powder as a non bio-agent in seconds.


  • Screens for bio-agents in less than 45 seconds
  • Long shelf-life: 2 years
  • Tolerates extreme storage conditions
  • Rugged containers protect individual tests
  • Outer container also serves as sample transporter (forensics label included)
  • Order “TASKit-001-BX” for a box of five complete BioScreener™ tests.