ULTRA (explosives)

Detect AND Identify! Unique, simple and easy to carry kit for explosive detection and identification


Each model in the ULTRA™ series of colorimetric, disposable testers can, in one step, detect AND identify trace or bulk quantities of specific explosives, types of explosives and precursors. Each ULTRA™ is self contained, has a long shelf-life, identifies groups as well as specific HME precursors – and can be carried in a trouser pocket. For these reasons, the ULTRA™ test kits are a top choice for battlefield use by military EOD teams, by police bomb squads for the identification of suspected precursors & chemicals used in the making of explosives, and in security screening – vehicles, people and luggage.

ULTRA™ kits generally react to chemicals immediately or in a few seconds. The user doesn’t have to worry about losing components, or replacing or recharging batteries – the tests are self-contained, simple, rugged and reliable.

ULTRA™ is intelligently designed. ULTRA™ indicates not just be color change but also by color pattern to reveal much more information about the tested surface or materials than a normal colorimetric test – even automated ones – can provide. Even the packaging can be used to transport a sample of material for later analysis. A forensics label is included to properly mark the sample with date, time, case number, etc.