Indicator™ Raman spectrometer identifies illicit narcotics, controlled drugs, explosives materials, pharmaceutical ingredients and a wide range of unknown substances. Thousands of compounds are available in FFI’s spectral libraries. It also analyzes and reports the components of mixtures.

Indicator™ is a compact, ruggedized Raman spectrometer that is incredibly powerful. It is able to analyze thousands of explosives, narcotics and toxic chemicals in seconds. Laser power is adjustable and use programmable acquisition delay when measuring energetic materials. HandyRam™ II features a durable and waterproof construction yet can also be connected to a PC for detailed spectral analysis, library and record management.


Finally, first responders have a quick and easy way to determine whether a suspicious powder is a likely bio-weapons agent, or not. Individual disposable presumptive tests that identify potential threat-agents such as suspicious powders – within 30 seconds, identify whether a substance is a probable bio-weapons agent or an innocuous powder. Collect the sample by simply dabbing the sample tip on the suspect material; analyze the sample by cracking the built-in ampoules and watching for the specified color change. BioScreener™ can eliminate the threat posed by a suspicious powder in seconds. Instead of shutting down an area for hours or days pending results of an analysis, first responders can identify a suspicious powder as a non bio-agent in seconds.