New Narcotics Tests Kit

FFI introduces the new drug test kit, DABIT 3X™, for rapid identification of drug samples.  DABIT 3X™ combines three DABIT™ tests into one using the same reliable chemistries as DABIT™.  DABIT 3X™ is quick and easy to use and does not require scoops or spoons or direct handling of suspected narcotics.  The kit is designed to be rugged so that ampoules aren’t accidentally broken; it can easily be carried in standard trouser pocket.  It’s also a handy size that’s easy to hold and use.


Dab the suspect material or residue. Replace the cap and squeeze the tubes. A color match and pattern match indicates a positive. It couldn’t be simpler.

Color Change and Color Pattern

Unlike other colorimetric test kits, DABIT 3X™ gives a color result and also a color pattern result; this in effect gives the user a first test and a confirmatory test built into one.

Drug Test Features