Field Forensics, Inc. (FFI) develops explosives, narcotics, heroin-fentanyl detection and identification

  • ELITE™, IDEX™, ULTRA™ – explosives test kits.  These pocket-sized kits are used by elite military and police forces around the world; they are simple to use and tolerate extreme weather conditions.
    • ELITE™ – introducing the EL300, which tests for nitro-aromatics, nitro-aliphatics, nitrates, chlorates and peroxides with just one swab; the only kit on the market that does not require some sort of reader or additional sample.
    • IDEX™  – test series for home-made explosive precursors.  IDEX includes a means of transporting a sample back to a lab for later analysis.
    • ULTRA™ – color change and color pattern change give ULTRA™ additional analytical strength.  It comes in four varieties including one that will identify and separate ammonium nitrate, urea nitrate, nitrates and ammonium.
  • DABIT™ and Fen-Her™ – narcotics test kits.  DABIT™ is one of the most convenient and easy to useproducts on the market; it does not require any sort of reader or app and it’s easy to see the results.  Fen-Her™ is the only fentanyl and heroin test kit on the market that stops the false positives of standard test kits.  It tests at trace levels – reducing over-exposure of police to fentanyl and related dangerous narcotics.
  • Indicator™ – handheld laser spectroscopy identifies chemical compounds in seconds.  Indicator™ identification libraries include narcotics, explosives, toxic chemicals, and thousands of other compounds.
  • Spot.On.ID™ – unique handheld chemical identification device – thin-layer chromatography in the field to test down to trace levels for explosives, narcotics, environmental pollutants and other chemicals.
  • Introducing CHAMP™: chemical hazard analysis module portable – a complete chemical analysis suite of instruments, methods and training.